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I had some lovely allium flowers this year from bulbs I planted in large pots. What would be the best thing to do with them now?


I'd let them die right back, remove the faded flowers and replant them in the garden if you have a space.

Sara 4

As a matter of interest, and only slightly connected to Vespasian's post - is there any reason why I shouldn't just put onions in the border and let them flower?  Some of the ones in the veg garden don't look greatly different to those sold as ornamentals.

No reason. At all. They are the same family. It's just that we treat and see them as different things, many vegetables have pretty flowers. We had loads of pea seeds which we planted and then picked the flowers, just as pretty as sweet peas and a much better crop of flowers than we have ever had peas!

Sara 4

I'm with you on the peas Chrissy - we used dried peas intended for mushiness from the supermarket and got a lovely display - we got lots of peas and lots of pea shoot salads too, much more cheaply than if we'd bought 'seeds'.  On the same basis I think I'll shove a few economy onions in the borders - has to be cheaper than buying ornamentals, and if they look horrible we can eat them.  We have some gone to seed chives growing and they look lovely.

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