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Is it possible to plant alliums now? if so where can you buy the bulbs?


Should have gone in the autumn-unlikely you will find bulbs now-you might find some pot grown specimens- but at a price-try the garden centre

John mcleod
This time last year I purchased some from either homebase or b&q at this time of year from their bargain bin for 50p. I know it was not the right time to plant them but they came up and they were perfect!!

That's right John, I'm sure I've planted alliums later than this. Maybe not ideal, who knows - who cares as long as it works. If a bulb hasn't shrivelled up or gone mouldy it will be OK.  But if it's not the right time getting hold of them might be a problem. Have you got some Olive?

When we moved to this house there was a bowl of really shrivelled up somethings in one of the rooms. I planted thm out and they're a large patch of ? Ice Follies now. Never give up on a bulb.

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