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I have a large Alstroemeria in a pot, I understand they are not fully hardy in cold climates.  If I move the pot to an unheated greenhouse or shed overwinter will this be enough to keep it ?  Also if the plant survives, when is the best time to split it ?

Alina W

Yes, it should be OK provided we don't have very severe frosts. Keep it only lightly watered, too.

Splitting - I would be inclined to do this in spring.


I have had alstroemerias growing in the borders for the past few years-and have survived bad winters-before that they were in a container and were quite happy in an unheated greenhouse over winter-my feeling is despite their exotic look they are a lot hardier than we think

As Alina says split in the spring


Thank you both for the good advice - off to the greenhouse/shed with it then, soon, and fingers crossed

I have a number of alstromerias and have left some in the ground for the last 4 winters, its been down to -10 for the last few winters here, i just put a heavy mulch of manure over them to protect them, the ones i have in pots i just move under a large tree and allow them to die back and pile the old growth on top of the pot to give it some protection. ( the soil here is very free draining, if you have a heavy damp soil they may not survive so well)



Thank you Bournemouthgardener, another few handy tips for Alstroemeria survival

Alstreroemeria in pot must in greenhouse in wintertime.  

I have 60 variable colours. (cut-alstroemerias-tall 70 cm)

From most of them I have grains.


Thank you Paul, so far the weather is mild for the time of year, but will put in the greenhouse soon

Thanks sunnylou. Put the pot in the ground and cover the pot with a little mulch around the plant. The advice of Bournemouthgardener is good.

Give also the plant a little water from time to time. 

The soil in the pot has to be very free draining.

Split the plant in spring.(15 mai)

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