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Today I noticed buds on the taller alstroemeria-watch this space

Gardening Grandma

I have alstroemeria coming up through my tarmac drive! These are tough plants that spread quite fast, have beautiful flowers and can put up with a lot. Just my kind of plant!


Oh they look lovely! 

Sadly mine seem to have been attacked by slugs but as with everything, lets wait and see!  


Of all the plants in my garden the Alstroemeria have not been affected at all by this dreadful weather. They are all standing upright and flowering their socks off. Lets here it for the Alstroes!!! 

Hi everyone - photo as promised of one of the Alstroemeria plants in flower - I took it as soon as the flower buds opened and although they have opened more the rain has battered them a bit - thankfully, not as much as some other flowers !!

I just noticed this weekend that two of the Alstroemeria seeds have germinated - without having to put them in the fridge - not sure whether the remaining 10 seeds will follow but anything is better than nothing !!

Think I'm going to follow the advice from sparklepinksunflower and pick the flower stems for indoors where, because of the continuing wet weather, they can be better appreciated !! 


My alstromeria in a pot is doing really well and flowering like mad. The awful weather does'nt seem to have affected it very much at all. Yes, Donutmrs, lets hear it for the alstroes !

I bought some Alstroemeria Orange King in feb but they have no bubs just look like weeds? does anyone know why they haven't flowered

Quick question, what do you do about the foliage on the taller varieties.  If the clumps are largish (1-2ft) and some of the grassy foliage is brown I can't seem to pull it out and cutting each brown leaf takes ages and leaves a brown stump.  Is it time to divide or is there a way of tidying up the foliage before the tall flower stalks come again this year?  Many thanks.

Jekylandhide, the old foliage will collapse with first frost or two.  Just let nature take its course.  division is not always simple...roots are fragile and tend to separate easily.  Divide only if you think your clump is too big 

Thanks Verdun.  Just need a frost now.  Have been out there today in a tee-shirt! Thinking about it though I think I'd rather the milder weather and a few brown leaves

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