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I was given some alstromeria tubers recently.  Now I've come to look at them properly, I seem to have 3 groups of strings of tubers.  Do I break off each little tuber and plant it separately or do I plant each string together?  I'm going to plant them in pots at the moment as I haven't yet identified a home in the garden.  I understand they spread like mad!

I'd plant them together Eileen, they do spread once established although it can take some time for them to do so.

Thank you, Dave. I'll get on to that today.

Agree with Dave.  Individual tubers/roots are so small. I dug up a beautiful princess lily 3 or 4 years ago and the roots fell apart. Gathered several together and now, this year have grown and  flowered superbly.  Yes, can be and is a little invasive yet the small roots can perish on transplanting.

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