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During the late summer, I accidentally dug up a handful of small alstromeria tubers.

I deposited them in a large plant pot and barely covered them with compost hoping to attend to them at a later date.....Doh! forgot all about them.

Then the other day whilst rooting about in the greenhouse I come across the large pot, with a few  healthy green shoots poking their heads up. Roughly 90mm tall.

I have teased them out of the big pot and repotted them into individual pots,

I intend putting them in my newly aquired heated propagator and bringing them in doors for the winter.

Question: do you think they will survive, or would any of you do something different with them? I would be well pleased if they survive, because they cost a few bob when i bought their parents.


They should be fine in an unheated greenhouse over Winter though I'm not 100% certain.

Someone else may well be able to clarify this.

Cold greenhouse should be fine. I left mine in the border last year with a good mulch.


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