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I have today purchased an amarylis bulb that was reduced in a supermarket. It has clearly not flowered as it has been kept in the shop for too long. It is in a vase with some moss and pine cones. I have read previously that it is possible to get them to flower again. Could anyone advise me how to care for the bulb, and how to coax it into flower again. 

I have no problem waiting for it to grow again, as it was rwduced from £15 to £2. And to be honest i hate to think of plants being thrown away!


simply water it and keep it on a bright windowsill in a fairly warm room. It will either flower or it won't. I hope it's the former - good luck 

It is currently not in any type of compost, should I pot it up?


You can pot it in multipurpose compost or bulb fibre leaving the top third out of the compost


Has it got leaves? if so it has probably flowered and had the dead flower stem cut off. If it has no leaves, it will probably just be a late flowerer.  I had a bulb last year that didn't get going until Easter.  It was among a group all bought from the same place (but a different variety) and all kept in the same conditions in the kitchen windowsill.  Stick it in a warm light place, and hope.



Sadly that looks as though it has flowered this year.  Give it lots of TLC and it will flower for you next year.  First thing - pot it up.

 I think it has had one flower and may be having another, can't be quite sure from the photo. If the taller stem is round it is a flower stem, leaves, when they appear, are flatter.

I would definitely pot it up and give it some tlc. Don't overwater, but give it enough  to keep the flower and leaves happy. The leaves can  be quite tall and floppy, but prop it up in a corner and give it an occasional feed with houseplant food. It needs this to build up the bulb for next year's flowers. It will die down at some stage, and you can stop watering for a while, then start again a few weeks before you want it to flower.

I always keep mine, I have lots of different ones. They don't always flower every year, but I get a nice surprise every now and then Last year's one was called Charisma, it had two flower stems with several flowers in the winter and then another one in the autumn!

Thank you very much for all of your advice!! I will certainly  pot it up and look after it. Fingers crossed for next year! Do i pot it with the bulb slighly out if the compost or does it have to be completely beneath the compost?


I always pot amaryllis with the top third of the bulb proud of the compost. 

I'm experienting this year growing both my Amaryllis in hydroponics. Have anyone done this?

I had a 'cheapie' one from Home Bargains last year that didn't flower, but I put it in the greenhouse over the Summer and regularly fed it with tomato food. In August I stopped watering it, left it in a cool dark spot in the garage until October, then I chopped off the dead leaves. It now has two flower buds coming through

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