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Have just found my Amaryllis which bloomed a couple of years ago still in the original pot under a bush!!!   It is leafy and looks as though it could be split into 2 or 3.  Please help, I just don't know what to do with it.  Thanks.

I'm far from an expert but did manage to get last year's to flower again this.

If the bulb has split I'd pot them up seperately, give them a good feed and water.   They don't need to go into massive pots.

Mine are outside now and will stay out until end of Sept (subject to early frosts) then I cut off the foliage, take them out of their posts removing compost.   Then pop them into a dry dark cupboard for about 10 weeks.   Pot up and wait for more blooms.   

I did find that the smaller bulb I split off last year didn't flower this but has bulked up so you may habe to wait for flowers.


Alina W

I agree with Auntimand, except I wouldn't dry off small bulbs - keep them growing until they die off on their own. They can take three or four years to reach flowering size.

Thank you for your help Auntiemand & Alina - will make it a priority tomorrow.

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