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Have decided on an Amelanchier for my newly acquired small garden, which I am currently giving a bit of an overhaul - but I am unsure which variety would be best.

Size, look and amount of shade case are all considerations. I want one that will not get too tall or wide, or take up too big a footprint in my precious border space, as it risks overtaking the garden entirely (and overhanging my neighbours garden too much). I also don't want it to cast too much shade.

I am erring towards  the looser looking, multi stemmed type, with lower stems kept visible. Although these look like they would take up more space overall, I figured I could underplant with bulbs or drought tolerant ground cover, and the loose network of branches wouldn't case too much shade. The alternative would be the lollipop type, but although it will have a smaller footprint in the border I'm worried the denser canopy would shade out my patio area.

Any thoughts on which type would be best suited to the situation? And which type I would need to choose to get the desired effect (or is it more about how you prune it than what you choose?)

It will be planted in an east facing border approx. 1.2 metres wide, fence behind it, patio area in front. It's towards the end of the garden and adjacent to a slightly "wild" area in my neighbours garden (where they already have several very large shrubs) so I don't think it will cause them any problems if it overhangs the fence a bit.

Any advice appreciated


I have an Amelanchier canadensis which I planted in 2010.

I find they don't grow quickly and they have a lot of small twiggy growth so does not need hard pruning,I just snip of bits when they are not in the right place.Eventually I want to be able to walk underneath mine,but that is a few years down the road I expect!!

I find then lovely in all seasons,flowers in spring,berries which the blackbirds love,green leaves in summer turning lovely shades in autumn and then a nice twiggy skeleton over the winter.

Here it is 1 year after planting:-


3 Years after planting:-


This year,7 years after planting:-


This afternoon! Lots of buds ready for the spring:-



And finally one that my Mum planted in her garden and must be 20+ years in this photo,it has grown a lot since then but is easily managed:-

Hope this helps!


I have an Amelanchier, Canadensis I think. It is deliberately single stemmed so a small tree. Doesn't cast any shade to speak of. When the man comes in October to cut my hedges he takes a couple of feet off it all round. It is about 9-10 feet high .I'll get pic of it in the daylight.


I would just like to mention that my Mum's Amelanchier was never pruned.A few odd twigs have been cut off but only if they poked you in the eye! 


Lamarckii is  probably the best known, and most readily available, and is easy to maintain. It gives great versatility - white flowers in spring which are ideal for pollinators,  berries in autumn for birds, and beautiful autumn colours. 

Most of them are suitable for a small space though - you can prune to keep them to a size you want, as others have said. 


Great thanks folks - beautiful pics as well good to see some in real life so to speak, they do look like they would be manageable size wise just got a bit unsure when looking at the max size/spread figures but looks like they grow pretty slowly so should have plenty of opportunity to control size if I need to

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