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Hi all. Does anyone have an amelanchier Robin Hill tree in their garden? I would like to know your experience , opinions of this tree, it's merits or faults. We took out a multi - stemmed lilac that was not doing well anymore. We now miss having a tree in the garden, the height it gave and somewhere to hang bird feeders. I would ideally like a single stemmed tree. Amelanchier trees always seemed to be one of the first trees recommended as a tree for a small garden. Any advice will be much appreciated.

Thanks LB, l was hoping to choose an amelanchier that doesn't sucker at all if that is even possible. I did like the look of amelanchier "Bellerina". I do like the pinky hues of Robin Hills blossom. Sorry this is all new to me choosing a tree, l need all the help l can get.


It tends to be the lamarkii version, often grown as a shrub which is more prone to suckering. 'Robin Hill' is usually grown as a single trunk and should be better behaved.  They are medium rate growers and take 10-20 years to reach full height (approx 6-8m) so it may take a while before it is big enough to hang feeders on, unless you buy a larger specimen (which would cost more, of course (eg £150-200 for a 4m tree.)

Thanks LB l did see that info, but only had a quick scan. I will have another look.

Thanks for the info Bob. I'm not looking to spend half that amount. It is going to be my birthday present from hubby, and it was his idea to get another tree, which was a shock , l didn't think he cared much for the garden at all but apparently he "misses seeing our tree from up the lane because he then he knows he's nearly home". 


Have a good look around - prices vary a lot and you would be sure to get a good sized one for £60-80.  They are lovely trees.


I got mine free from a bird and that is the only way I knew it had berries. There has never been one left long enough for me to spot!

Thanks Bob, I'm going to have a look locally to see if l can find one.

Buttercupdays , lucky you, all that the birds have gifted me is a few young brambles.😀

I have a lamarkii and I love it. Didn't want a tree but rather a bush / shrub and I keep it pruned back and it's now starting to bulk out after being in the ground for, it'll be its 3rd spring this year.

Haven't seen any suckering yet.

An absolute mass of flowers every spring but it doesn't hold onto too many berries though. Gave it a serious dollop of horse manure this last autumn and i'll feed it again with blood and bone probably this spring when it starts flowering. Hoping it holds onto a few more berries this year for the birds.

Never know if I can beat the birds to them I might even get a juneberry pie one year

Gorgeous autumn colours too, Ticks all the boxes for me.

I did consider a lamarkii amelanchier shrub/tree, Cottage Compost, they are beautiful. My garden isn't that big, so l want a tree with a single trunk this time. The lilac it is replacing was multi-stemmed and took up a lot of space. It did well for many years, but needed the numerous suckers it produced pulling out often. It went a bit rotten in between its thick stems so it had to go. It is good to know yours is so healthy and that you enjoy it so much.

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