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I know that annual cornflowers are easy to grow, but as an experiment a few weeks ago I sowed half the seeds into normal MPC and half into a 50/50 mix with perite. The seeds have been in a cold greenhouse since. Today I removed some seedlings to give the others room to grow and it was very obvious that the ones grown in the perlite mix had a much better root system.

Morning punkdoc
Great minds, etc
I did just that too.
I have no doubt perlite...50/50....does make for bigger n better plants and I use this mix for all seeds now
Interesting. I've been adding vermiculite to my seed compost, but not in such a high ratio.
I use perlite though figrat.
Not sure vermiculite is as good for compost mix. Better for top dressing?
It's what I've got in the gh, will look out for perlite.
I've always thought they were pretty much interchangeable?



What exactly does perlite do?

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