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Hello folks - my first posting! Hope someone can help?

i am in the process of getting to know my new garden of 18 months and it has some great climbers!  However one is getting munched by something and I wonder if anyone can confirm my own ID of a Solanum Crispum and ID the pest problem?

I haven't been able to spot the pest but the plant was lost amid a tangle of honeysuckle, ivy and a small standard willow (which was also attacked where they lay together). I'm trying to tame the area and encourage more vigorous growth for next year!



Certailny it is a Solanum of some sort. Not sure what eats them other than snails and slugs though.


Are you sure that's Solanum crispum? It looks very small flowered and weedy. A bit like a sprawling nightshade that grows here. Bittersweet


Looked like that to me too.  In other words a weed.  Woody Nightshade.



I'm never sure which night shade is which Wo. My neighbour always calls this one deadly nightshade but that's what I call Atropa bella-donna.

The one I'm talking about smell disgusting when it goes through the shredder


Deadly nightshade is quite different.  Not at all common and confined to chalk soils. And a shrubby plant, not a twiner.  And it has black berries; I think the one pictured will have green (already in the photo) ripening to red/orange berries.

Hello folks and thanks -( I'm posting this again so apologies if a reply appears that says similar but I can't see the one I posted from my end the other day) 

So it seems to be a weed but certainly of not much value appearance wise but the moths like to feed on it!  Maybe if I move it to my wild garden?  

This site is brilliant!


The seeds are very viable so soon it will spread all over the garden, so beware!

And it is of course poisonous.

I've noticed a few seedlings on the patio area next to it now so it's going!  Thanks for the advice.


missed your previous post GW. I have some of this but hadn't realised it attracted moths. Do you know which ones? I love moths

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