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sara haywood
This winter keeps surprising me! Last week my poppies flowered again and today I have a white Anemone in flower!
Jim Macd

Yes, I've got a Japanese Quince and meadow geranium in flower today. Oh, and an ornamental pear. 

I was in Iceland Reykjavik two weeks ago and in a sheltered garden in town were dozens of antirrhinum in full bloom!. The trees were winter bare. Magic.


Anemone De Caen are showing new growth.


Jim Macd

Maggie, my Antirrhinum is still flowering. It's self seeded so I have no idea what variety it is. I've got Cheddar Pinks flowering again too. They happen to be the same colour as the Anti's they're next to and the apple they're in front of. Hapenstance.  


sara, enjoy  

Maggie, I went to Iceland at Easter, loved the landscape and visited a tomato grower, geothermalllly heated (see pics on dif thread'icelandic tomatoes')... amazing.

I have, fuchsias, chrysanthemum and lobelia still in bloom, fuchsias are lovely

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