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Planted anemone wild swan earlier this year and it is now flowering. Blue behind and pure white flowers with yellow centre. Looks. Fantastic. It was the star of Chelsea in 2011. Anyone else growing this?

I am about to purchase some.  Aren't they beautiful?


I love mine. Got it at Tatton show last year. Mine seems to flower earlier than other JAs & so far is well behaved ie no thug tendency, but wouldnt mind if it did! J.


This Anemone looks gorgeous and will have to add it to my list of plants to buy. Always a nuisance but when a plant is new,  it's difficult to find in garden centres. Anyone know where I can buy it? 

a quick google search came up with quite a few suppliers, crocus, Thompson & morgan....but it ain't cheap IMHO!


Mine is nestling outside kitchen window between hellebore, euphorbia rubra , aster frikartii monch and bowles golden grass. Lots of buds opening every day but it really is a gem. Totally unlike the Japanese anemone. This is smaller, compact and CLASSY.

I've ordered mine from Hayloft Plants - 3 for £18.50 or 5 for £24.00.  These will be supplied as young plants from July 2013 - can't wait.

Got mine from T&M, they were finally delivered mid Sept after many broken promises to deliver first before the end of May and then every month onwards.

They were rubbish plants with dead looking brown roots (they also had had rough treatment in transit) but T&M did not want to know, typical!

With a lot of TLC they now look as they have survived, as each plant has the inkling of a new green leaf on each one,hopefully they will grow on to be proper plants, no thanks to T&M or the Post !

Jimmy, this touches on a post earlier. T & M usually deliver pathetic quality plants in my opinion. The Wild Swan i received was a plant in a 2 litre pot and it flowered within 3 weeks, still is, just about. I would be surprised if I paid much more for mine than you did. I received an echinacea plant from T .& M a few years ago and it was pathetically small. I complained and got my money clearly was not going to grow or at least not make any floweriing plant for a couple of years. They also supplied me with tiny bare root geraniums that cost as much as potted plants did. Jimmy, you should ask for your money back and buy from Crocus or you won't pay much more. Your bare root anemone MAY flower next year .....a potted plant WILL.

Hi Verdun,

Thanks,I have now learned my lesson the hard way, I foolishly ordered some more plants from them,amongst them anemone Queen Charlotte, they were £14.99 for three giant plugs plus a fiver postage.

When they arrived they were each a single stalk with a few more dead than alive leaves on them in miserable little plugs covered in moss, only fit for the compost bin!

T&M said all their plants were hand picked and were sorry I was disappointed so they refunded me my £14.99.

To crown it all I say the anemones QC in the local garden centre in 2lts pots for £7.99 each, plants you would be proud to own.

This is not the first time I have received total rubbish from T&M but never again, how they survive I do not know!

Cheers for the info!

Well done JIMMY. If more people complained standards would rise.

here is my anemone wild swan.  been flowering since the spring.  the backs of the petals have blue markings making them doubly attractive.  for me it is an easy and lovely plant


Now that's what I CALL a plant, well done!


Update on my T&M Wild Swan plants,they passed away never to be seen again!

Also none of the local garden centres have had any,the usual whites or pinks, nice plants but not Wild Swan!

Ps, I have not been tempted to order from T&M again even though they sent me a £5 gift voucher a few weeks ago!


No jimmy I wouldn't get them from T & M.  

Of,you still prefer plugs QVC offer them.  They are better.  

Can I suggest if you get plugs to pot them on Imto John innes until spring and pot on again before plantImg out?  On another thread it seems most,people are having problems with wild swan.  Provide best comditions you can for this plant

I got 3 from Hayloft plants in the summertime. 1 died but the other 2 are doing well. I first planted them in mp compost with perlite added, just less than half and half as I was running out.

I potted them on yesterday and they're healthy plants with good roots. I'll overwinter them in my growhouse and plant them out in sprintime as our winters would be too wet for them.

Good luck finding some. Verdun that arrangement is great.


Woodgreen wonderboy

I gave up ordering from T&M years ago after a truly appalling experience... they lost a good customer.

Stacey Docherty

Why can't I get layering like that!!! Verdun that looks amazing

Stacey Docherty

Spoke to the chap at hardys nursery stall at RHS Wisley today as he didn't have any wild swan on the stall but he did have a couple of others swan ruffle and another one. They no longer do them and he admitted they lost quite a few this year as well. He said crocus have them and they are / should be good plants ( woohoo crocus open day Saturday!) he said that they habe had some returned and he thinks that they are v probe to root rot from overwatering ..

Wasn't it Hardy's that bred wild swan to start with? Did he say whether they had just run out this year, or have they given up on them?

No hardys didn't breed them but had the rights, I think, to sell them first.  I think it's simply been that so many people have complained and had refunds that they may have become uneconomic to supply