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win some lose some i guess jimmy


I had been so looking forward to seeing mine bloom, guess I will have to wait another year to see it in the flesh!


Anyway enjoy it when it blooms!



I, too, have purchased anemone 'wild swan' from Hayloft Plants.  The first batch of three were potted up and kept indoors away from the fierce temperatures of early July.  They struggled along and one just keeled over.  I emailed Hayloft and, to their credit, they sent me another batch of three.  They too are proving reluctant to flourish.  I have learned that they don't like being too damp and in the end I have placed them outside the greenhouse and told them to get on with it.  So far the largest three of the remaining plants are just about holding their own and I am hoping to be able to plant them out, perhaps under a cloche to keep slugs off, in the next couple of weeks.

I have bought a lot of plug plants over the years and have had a good success rate with the majority.  I prefer to buy larger plants but it is not always possible to find what you want in this way.  Guess I'll have to try looking a bit harder.

Happy gardening to one and all.

Morning Babs

I bought mine as large,plants last year.  They flowered beautifully.  This year they flowered in spring and intermittently throughout summer.  I cut back 3 weeks ago and they are now flowering beautifully again.

Why keep them indoors Babs?  They won't like it. In my experience they do like some moisture and partial shade. Put them outside today.  Slugs etc dont seem to be a problem.  


I agree, I've no experience of this one but hardy plants hate indoors.


Interested to read comments here as I believe there is a serious weakness in the strain, despite the three years or more of proving in Scotland and microprop before release.

Had three last year which appeared to come through winter under (very) cold cover. However after uncovering they keeled over, full stop.  Replaced.

Next three came in 3 litre pots, one is thriving, two are struggling and have hardly moved from original (9cm) plug (?) which was basis of 3 litre. Now all in ground, they need to thrive or we'll need them to be replaced again.


Hiya kent61a


I had mine from a well known nursery.....the same that introduced it at Chelsea in 2012.  It arrived in 3 litre pot.  It was planted on receipt and it simply raced away in growth and in flower.  It's looking lovely now.  

Here it's mild. It was a wet winter but not cold.  It's in good soil in partial shade. Because of its connection to the Japanese anemone strain, the only concern I had was that it might roam.  It seems to be well behaved.

As with all ptsnts, there are different clones.  Perhaps I have a good one and you not.  We will have to see.  So far I think it's a beautIful plant 


I have so far killed 2 lots of plugs ( thought it was me - but i don't normally kill things). - but still love it. I have another set of plugs on order that are taking an age to arrive ( like 6 months) which also suggests they are having problems.  Think i am going to bite the bullet and order full size plants from hardy's.  should have done that in the first place 

Given the failure rate quoted on here - probably 50% plus - I think they ought to stop sales until the propagation problems have been solved.

As an experienced gardener and propagator I have NEVER had this sort of problem - yes, ocassionally with seedlings, seldom with plugs and never with anything delivered in over 1L.

I have written to RHS as well for their feedback.


I think the problem may be with plugs.  I never buy perennials as plugs or as bare roots (as opposed to rootballed in winter, which is fine) because the failure rate is high and the plants take a minimum of 2 years to make a plant of flowering size.  Buying one plant in a 1, 2 or 3 litre pot is just as cheap as buying 3 small plugs .

As said before, my wild swan has been great.

Further on this I've just read there's a new version of wild swan for sale now called Dreaming Swan.  Bit taller amd semi double flowers.  Must have this


As above, none of my WildSwan purchases were plugs and failure/problem still = 5 out of 6.

Equally, never really had any problems with perennial plugs and I've grown on thousands - literally!


Hi all, intested in this topic, i bought a plant at Harrogate early summer, planted it in shade, watered it etc.

now it has completely disappeared!!!

Hmmmmm!  Am I the only ome growing anemone wild swan to perfection?  it would be good to know if someone out there is happy with wild Swan

A word about plugs....I too have grown and planted plugs.  My feeling is that ...for me.....buying established plants provides almost instant impact.  This past year I have had the option of buying 3 small plug perennials instead of the single large plant when choosing a number of varieties.  In every case I have had a glorious display this summer from them. In comparison those plugs would still only be growing and nowhere near flowering. Oh!  I have rooted cuttings now from those plants which will flower just as soon as thsee plugs will....viz., next summer. From the posts on the forum, many of you have bought and re-bought plugs of wild swan and still not happy


Verdun - it is only the Wild Swan plugs that are giving me a problem.

I was faced with bare borders a while ago, and "special offers" in mags/newspapers on plugs or bareroots were a great way of me getting quite a few of the same plant going so that I could plant the border up with groups of the same plant, without bankrupting us.  I was rubbish at cuttings in the past (although getting better now ) and the plugs certainly did the trick, and I had very few fail - hence the concern at my dismal inability to raise Wild Swan this way.

Yes, plugs take a season to get going - but they have enabled me to quickly build up drifts, rather than plant in dots.  So I would say they are worthwhile, and generally pretty good value.


Hiya chicky.

Guess I'm just impatient these days.....can't wait for next year.  

Is anyone actually growing wild swan successfully either by plugs or larger plants?

One out of 6 in partial shade.

I just bought really nice anemonie 'wild swan' plants from Burncoose Nurseries they are in 2ltr pots good size approx 2ft tall and have serveral buds @ £12.50 ea

Hiya Susan

Another Cornish "star"

chicky wrote:   
"""    ..................... I have another set of plugs on order that are taking an age to arrive ( like 6 months) which also suggests they are having problems.  ........................ """


Presume this is T&M - 12 months plus wait is not unknown here, surely proving there is some sort of problem?   Love Hardys, but their AWS aren't infallible.

Awaiting response from RHS with their comments.