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I am in the process of growing some climbing annuals from seed

I am growing Rhodochiton, Sweet Peas and Canary Creeper.  The Canary Creeper is getting

very straggily, so I shall repot it prior to planting out.

Should I pinch out the tops of these plants and should I provide stakes in this

early stage as the Carnary Creeper is about 12 inches long.


Hello Val if there are plenty of roots I would pot it on a size and put a cane in for support
Pam LL x

Canary creeper scrambles rather than climbs, much as it's relative the nasturtium does, so it really needs a sort of trellis-type support that it can wind its leafstems around it. 

Thanks for these comments.  i'll put my snow boots on and sort out some supports for my seedlings.

from has anyone ever grown black eyed susan climber from seed any tips appreciated

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