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Secret Squirrel

Hi All

Can anyone give me the names of a few good annuals to grow for parts of my garden that have partial and complete shade. One area is north facing (complete) and the other is south-west facing (partial). I'm looking flowers that will grow between 30 to 60cm

Thanks for any help

I don't believe many annuals like shady conditions.However my garden is surrounded by woodland so shade is so something we have plenty of, and Foxgloves (maybe a bit too tall), Honesty and Columbine self seed themselves all over the place.

Although they're not strictly annuals they will flower in the first year if planted early enough.

hollie hock

I have a damp bed in partial shade, I've had some cornflowers, cleomes and snapdragons which give some colour and clary sage seems do ok, but not spectualr.

Sweet rocket do very well not annuals but grow quick and need very little maintenance, if they like it ,all you have to is cut it back when in flower and it  keeps going

Secret Squirrel

Thanks everyone for your help. There is a few their from everyone I will try

Fuschias,impatiens and lobelia grow fine in partial shade



I was going to say Fuschia, Busy-Lizzies and lobelia as well, also begonias, especially bedding begonias, if you don't mind them being on the short side.

Secret Squirrel

Thanks Lizzie, I never thought of bedding begonias, I'll def give those a ago. I dont mind them short, just as long as they give colour


According to the RHS, Calendula officinalis Fiesta Gitana and Coreopsis grandiflora should do well in your partially shaded area as should Nemophila maculata, the Nicotiana Domino Series and Rudbeckia Hirta 'Toto' all of which will provide good colour but I suspect the best bet for your north facing bed is the bedding begonias previously mentioned and impatiens or Busy Lizzy.



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