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The dried off ones are nearly as painful as holly aren't they

almost 100% that the large one is the Viburnum Tinus as previously suggested and id agree that the one at the back looks most like a hebe but which sort im not sure


Definately think the one at the back is a Hebe. I think the main one in question has the same foliage as a viburnum. I need to move one of the (possible) viburnum's at some point. Do they transplant ok?


if they're not too big they'll be easy. April (a proper april not snowstorms) is a good time for moving evergreens.


Heliotrope wrote (see)

I do enjoy these mystery plants (although I can rarely suggest anything!)

I agree with Nola and think the small one at the back is a Hebe but have no idea what the main one is.


 You're just like me! I think it's a great way to learn though, and there are so many people on here who have such a vast fountain of knowledge that it'd be foolish to not try and learn something


Agree HT. We all have our areas of expertise. I can ID hardy perennials and shrubs but my knowledge of annuals, new cultivars, tender plants, veg, fruit is almost non existant. But better than it was since I came here.

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