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Can anyone identify this, please? Is it friend or foe? It's growing over a lonicera and a rose .



Looks like Russian vine to me Pip but I can't see close up so might not.



For some reason I can't enlarge and zoom in on this one, but from here, and wearing my old glasses, it looks remarkably like Russian Vine - Fallopia baldschuanica aka Mile a Minute Vine.  Google Mile a Minute Vine Images - you'll see that it's a pretty rampant climber.  I've known it pull guttering off a house.  When we moved here it was in the top of a mature ash tree - and I mean the top!!!

It is very pretty and can look lovely if you have several acres of space but in my humble opinion it should never be planted in an average sized garden. 


I'm still going with the bryony



You'll probably be right nut 

I managed to kill Russian vine finest horticultural moment 


If Nut says its Black Bryony then I'll say it's Black Bryony

I really can't see it very well anyway.   Must do something about some new specs 


I too think Bryony


Yes, Tamus communis. It's a relative of the yam!

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