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hi not sure what this is i thought it might be a dandilion but there are lots of them where i sowed a scatter and sow mix

 another mystery is a small red plant with red leaves quite similar in some respects to a bay leaf in shape a kind of oval. If no one guesses it I will upload a photo

Any idea's on these two


Not a dandelion, can't name it but definitely a weed


The way it comes out the ground looks dandelion-y but the rest of it doesn't. Would agree with nut.



Dove's right, I couldn't remember the name but that's the one I was thinking of. It can grow quite tall and if it doesn't fall over makes a good dried decoration. But it's still a weed



Bring on the one with small red leaves 


Thanks for the guide I am still unconvinced thou, I think i will have to take more photo's. Or wait till some flowers they all seem pretty uniform in growth. There will be less questions thou thanks to the guide. 

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