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Typing carefully so the screen doesn't freeze up 

 Can anyone ID these for me please. 

First one is growing at the base of an ornamental cherry so I assumed it was a sucker but not so sure now

Second one is pretty but I have no idea what it is


 Thank you




The pink flower belongs to Himalayan Balsam. A rather invasive annual.

Chrissy, I hope you are right because that is a plant that I have admired in people's gardens for it's flowers. It's in a very awkward place if it is going to grow to shrub size. Not sure if I'll be able to get it out of that very tight spot. 

Berghill, I have looked that one up but the leaves don't seem to match even though the flowers look similar. 

Any other suggestions? 

Chrissy the gardener

Daryl2 if you want to keep the Lycestria I suggest you have a look to see if you can move it while it's small. Give it a good water first it will soften the soil.


I'll have a closer look tomorrow but I think it has seeded itself into a 2" gap between the tree trunk and the wooden retaining fence on the gravel area. 


IMO the second one is not Himalayan Balsam, leaves are not right. Sadly though I don't know what it is.


A teucrium, probably Teucrium chamaedrys


or mabye T. Lucidrys?


Daryl - that's a lovely patch of violets at the base of your tree, treasure them 


I'm in agreement with Leycesteria formosa for the first one

OK thanks. I'll do some research and see if I can move it to somewhere better. 


the small plant in the first picture is a violet and the second plant in the same picture looks like it might be a dogwood, but I'm going by the leaves.

It's the big leaved plant on the left of the picture that I'm trying to identify. Is a self seeded dogwood more likely than Leycesteria ? 



I'll stick with Leycesteria

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