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Top one is a Euphorbia


Is 2nd one a perennial papaver (poppy) ? 

Ashleigh 2

I didn't plant either of those! result



Re the euphorbia - it may be as well to look at this recent thread 

They can be fantastic plants in the right place, but they do have their draw backs, especially if you have small children - their latex-like sap can cause burns if it gets on the skin and is then exposed to sunlight.  Read my post on the above thread. 


Agree with KEF, second one is an oriental poppy. Could be nice they come in a variety of colours.

gardenning granny

I agree - euphorbia - back of border for safety, and watch out for gluey irritant sap when you cut back dead stems

I think the second one could be a geum if it's not a poppy - looks like a flower on its way, ant its far too early for poppy flowers.

Ashleigh 2

Thank you all, what sort of height/spread will the euphorbia grow? 

Depending on what type exactly but your euphorbia will prob grow 3 to 4' Ashleigh and as much across

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