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With all this forget-me-not talk, (and now I can actually post photos) I thought I'd post this one taken a week or so ago through the Bramley blossom. The picture doesn't really do justice to the incredible colours we had.




I can't open it Birdy

hollie hock

Good news on the impending invasion  I have a bed that is a bit tricky to plant in as it's damp, partially shaded and heavy soil so far they seem to be doing well in there, lovely splashes of blue.

Will have some more to go out later in the year and then that should be that. Cant see it either, tried to copy and paste it but it won't let me


2nd attempt artjak

(taken a week or so ago through the Bramley blossom)


 I hope this photo makes it through the website gremlins!


Well done Birdy 

Nice blossom.



Worth the wait Birdy,great picture


Beautiful birdy

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