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Could ants be eating my pansies? The are in a bed next to ant nest, and I just noticed one plant in particular is full of holes and wondered if it was the ants?


More likely to be slugs or snails especially the latter. Ants in this country don't attack plant material in any serious manner, the ants you see on roses are usually after greenfly and the sticky dew they produce.

Thanks Dave will have a look out for slugs and snails. do you have any tips for keeping them away?


Ants won't eat your plants.  However, they can kill them by burrowing under them.  Just make sure soil is firmed now and then or use ant killer there.  

This week I have discovered about 6 of my pansies dead, with lots of ants underneath them.  No other plants were affected.  I have kept pansies for years and this is the first time it has happened.  I would like to put some more in but wonder if I can prevent this happening again.

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