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Just noticed all my peony buds are swarming with ants. No sign of any damage, so Ive left them alone (for now!).

Is this a common occurrence?


Sometimes Ants =  an Aphid attack ! Have you looked for greenfly,blackfly etc.?

Pam x


Beware, I have suffered with ants eating the buds on my peony for the last two years: You will notice little round nibbled areas on the new buds. I have resorted to quishing the ants every time I pass by my peony. Don't leave them alone - your flowers will be destroyed.


Thanks, Ill give the plant a good inspection tomorrow. Looks like I need to act fast.

Shame the ants havent found the Giant Scabious I have in the greenhouse, its leaves are covered in aphids.

This three might be of interest: Sorry you will have to copy and paste rather than click on link directly.


Should be thread not three!

thank you figrat for the thread. I have read the comments about the ants helping the poeny bloom. Thinking back over the years, I don't recall the peony blossom being damaged by the ants, I just assumed I had been successful in stopping them damage the plant by their nibbling. I feel a bit guilty now.  LeadFarmer maybe we should leave the ants to do their work and enjoy the blossoms when they arrive. 

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