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My sister has donated me some plants dug up from her garden as she is reducing borders to create more lawn for her kids to play on....  but we have no idea what they are.  Can anyone help identify them please, I want to make sure i'm not introducing problem plants into my garden.

Mystery plant 1:

Mystery plant 2 (the one with flowers on):




Second plant is Pulmonaria.   After flowering you can split it Imto a few clumps.  Likes bit shade.

Not sure about first diagnostic skills on the forum are poor ....but am sure someone will know


2 is Lungwort or Pulmonaria.

As above for 2 and 1 could be yellow loofstrife.


Just wondered if first plant is leycesteria.  Sue. In your sister's garden is this a tall plant with white and purplish flowers?  


I'd cut the floppy stems off that top one.It will establish quicker

Woodgreen wonderboy

If no.1 is loosestrife , and I am not sure that it is, it will sucker underground and become a bit of a nuisance that is v. difficult to eradicate. Check with your sister?

Thanks everyone... i'll ask my sister a couple more questions and post back.

gardenning granny

no 1 looks a bit like either marjoram or mint that has flopped over after planting and not yet picked up.

no 2 is Pulmonaria - spreads nicely but noit a problem - tends tio fget mildew later in the summer in my garden, but I have taller things behind it like crocosmia so you don't notice it too much.

Woodgreen wonderboy

GG...If you cut the pulmonaria down to the ground when it finishes flowering, which could be in a few weeks (precision always was my strong point) you will overcome the mildew risk and have a nice flush of pretty leaf for the rest of the year.

gardenning granny

Thanks WW - yes I do generally do that....if I have time!

Hi GG, number 1 definitely not min.  My sister has confirmed that plant 1 gets tall and has yellow flowers on it.  She said does seem to spread but easy to dig up.  Would this be ok to leave in my shrub border or will it smother other things?

Could 1 be Lysimachia?

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi Sue.. if your sister says that it is yellow and spreads it could well be loosestrife. My advice would be to remove it now unless it is in a spot where it will be contained without becoming a nuisance. It's your call.



I'd a second Lysimachia Punctata (Yellow Loosestrife) for no.1 based on the picture and description. I have it in several places in my garden. I love the colour and height however you do need to keep your eye on it as it does spread. I dig mine up every other year, divide and replant. Any other places it shows up it gets gets oiked straight oucare careful where you discard any roots......!

haha sorry - didnt realise Lysimachia and Loosestrife were the same thing...

I'd leave the Yellow Loosestrife in Sue. It has a long flowering time, easy to grow and can easily be kept in check.

Apparantly plant no 1 has yellow daisy like flowers on it.

Plant 2 appears to have sprouted new leaves, I guess it might actually be another plant that hitched a ride... here's a photo

 The large spotty leaf is the new one... any idea what this is?


That's a pulmonaria Sue