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This is growing outside a small cafe in south Netherlands. I'd like to know what it is please if you know it.


hollie hock

Hi Whippet , don't know it's name but I have some of this here.

I don't recall ever seeing it before. 

Looks like a Persicaria  possibly Persicaria bistorta ?



it's bistort, Persicaria bistorta

It's called Polygonum Bistoria Superbum. I've been trying to find somewhere that stocks it around near but no luck yet. 

Thankyou for your solution. I'll check in local nurseries. If i find it, I'll let you know.


Sorry Jam975 but it is not a Polygonum but as mentioned earlier a Persicaria.


Jam's ust out of date punkdoc. Polygonum became persicaria a few years ago

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