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Thanks nutcutlet

Hiya. Carmic,  some of the smartest people I've met have been gypsies.  One guy I met on a speed awareness course ( not really speeding...37 mph in 30 zone ?) could not read or write but what a business brain.  Had all sorts of business on the go, the way he calculated things in his head was amazing.  Impressive guy.  And those gypsy caravans are out of this world if you are lucky enough to be invited in and shown around as I was.


Bonjour Verdun,

I was born in one of those caravans along with my 6 brothers and sisters... school of course...just picking apples and destoning reclaimed moorland, with the odd tattie picking thown in to relieve the was good fun looking back through rose tinted glasses...!!!

I did not learn to read and write 'til I was 15 ..mind you I started my first business by the age of 17 and had 19 men working for me by the age of when I hear that today you need 742 'A' levels to stack shelves in Tesco I just despair...!!!



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