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Hi all,

        Sorry to post another unknow plant!! just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what it could be? thanks in advance


That's a hard one Jcblue

Have another goat posting the pic

It's the very rare disappearing plant lol, think fairygirl's rabbits have had it!


perhaps it's poisonous and the bunnies will be done for.

I know it's got me stumped! can you see the picture? I should have pulled the toadflax out first!! hoped the speckled stem might help?! but I have no idea. my mum thought maybe a trillium but I don't think so, there is a few of them growing along the base of a wall.


Can't see the picture Jcblue post it again.  I planted a tray full of seeds picked up on a trip to a garden on holidays I haven't a clue  what's coming up bought seed compos in B&Q very disappointed lost of weeds coming up.

Did that work? I hate technology!! 

did that work?? might have to cry if not!!


Don't cry Jc. Looks like Dracunculus vulgaris. Big purple spathe, stinks of rotten meat. Fantastic thing but only from up wind

nutcutlet wrote (see)

Have another goat posting the pic


Looks like JcBlue found that other goat. Perhaps it will eat the Dracunculus.


Goats eat anything. Including my typng

Heard a story from some friends camping. Goats chewed the petrol pipes on the bike, they like rubber? maybe that's why modern bikes don't have rubber petrol pipes

Ha ha glad it's not just me whos usless!! give me plants any day! my only other thought was voodoo lily but don't think they grow outside here?? It's the speckled stem! Thanks for helping me out again nutctlet & thanks for everyones elses replies too 


doh! silly me just looked & they're the same thing!! so they do grow here! where's that goat!


Voodoo lily (just googled it) is amorphophallus which I'm hoping is hardy enough to have survived the winter in my cold GH. We shall see.

dracunculus is the one that is looking like yours does right now. A lot of other plants in that family are much later appearing

That's great, I'm hoping for a amazing display soon! will post (or try too!!!!) pics when it flowers, thanks again. Thought I was doing alright with plant knowledge til I took on this new garden!! We live & learn  


We do live and learn Jc. fortunately


We live and we learn  ..... it's the remembering that gets difficult