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Helen Williamson

Hello!  My mum has the following plant in her front garden and doesn't know what it is - any ideas?  Sorry, it's a bit bedraggled due to the rain!  I tried to get the leaves in the shot, in case it helped with the identification.  The flower looks as though it has a little cap /lid over the top.  Thanks in advance for your help.  Helen


It's a very pretty aconite, also known as monkshood. Perennial and quite lovely. Just take care who gets to play with it if you have children as all parts of the plants are poisonous if eaten. But, that apart, enjoy it.


I love those and some do OK for me but it's a little dry here most years to really do well


Aconitum possibly Stainless Steel.

Yorkshire Rose

Yes definitely Aconitum, also has the common name Wolfsbane because it was used to poison wolves! As already mentioned, all parts are poisonous so please handle with care, unsuspecting florists have ended up with very poorly tummies after handling the flowers and not washing their hands properly before eating!


HI helen

The monks hood is a very beautiful plant, not a problem,

but was that a dreaded baby  ( leylandii ) behind ?

I should pull that out while you can as it will be a problem in the future

Possibly Aconite Bicolour

Helen Williamson

Hi Patty3, no there's definitely no baby leylandii in my mum's garden!

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