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Orchid Lady

All I can find is this Peter, it is the last bit that talks about pinching out, but that's for cuttings and yours look bigger than cuttings.  

I personally would leave them unless they look like they are getting leggy and not bushy and then maybe pinch the top, but I'm not an expert, although have grown my one. Hydrangea for longer than anything else I have 

I am going to take cuttings from mine at the end of the summer and see if I can make babies, never tried it before 

Thank you good lady, sorry for the delay in answering, thought I'd answered but must have missed the submit button,

Mrs. Garden, of the 3 Glam Rock plants that looked so healthy there is now only one.

All three were in the same pot to start with and were then moved on into their own pot, all had the same compost, same watering and same position in the garden so each had the same share of sun, but 2 of them just didn't make it, here's a picture of the survivor. (seed packet for scale)



The RhS are selling it and I would trust them. Look on their website.  Only problem is they charge for delivery.


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