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I've seen this plant in an article about posionous plants and i have one in my garden, can anyone identify it please? 


thanks you



solomons seal

excellent thank you Kezza



Polygonatum x hybridum. Many of these plants are now being moved to Disporopsis



Sawfly adore them, I put a pot  full of lovely strong plants out to put in the ground, left them a day or two, and then there were none as the nursery rhyme says!!


As an aside armaghgirl, most plants in gardens are poisonous.  Luckily, mammals are generally not stupid enough to eat them (if fact most poisonous plants taste very nasty.)  The younger and less bright mammals (which usually have only two legs) luckily have ears, eyes and can understand language, so can be easily taught not to put such things into their mouths.


I had loads of this in a shady corner, come to think of it I've not seen it this year. Will have to go & investigate. 


probably too late Lokelani, the sawfly larvae will have had them

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