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Stacey Docherty

Does anyone know what this is... It sprouts up all over my garden and Iove it! As do the bees! 


(The purple stuff not the yellow thing or winter box at the back!)


Linaria purpurea. Do you have the pink form as well or ust the purple sort.?


But I can't ID the yellow thing Stacey

Stacey Docherty

Fidget funny you should say that my mum had a pink one and I snaffled the seeds but up till now no just the purple... I love it! nut the yellow thing is a climber known as childus slider amuzmentus !!!! 



oh dear, I am very worried about your outbreak of 'childus slider', does it come complete with childus?

Thanks for this, I've got a purple one but had no idea what it was. I love it as it flowers for months. Anyone know how you propogate it? I'd like more to spread around the garden.









it seeds around without any help from me


Yes leave it and it will do the job for you. You can then transplant to where you want it.

Yikes ! don't try and propagate it! - you'll never get rid of it !

No really, Linaria purpurea or purple toadflax it is a lovely addition to the cottage garden.

I have the blue, white and pink forms - as nutcutlet rightly says they self seed very readily and you'll notice the pinky-grey new stems coming up in the spring like little bottle brushes.

If you really want more, gather the seeds in autumn, they look like buff coloured pepper corns and just scatter them where you want them. S'pose you could rake them in - I don't bother.

Thanks Green Beanz , I had'nt realised there was a blue and a white , do these grow as tall as the purple and pink ?

Now I know what its called I'm going to look through the seed  pages for blue and white !

The pink and purple are lovely mixed together  so WOW!!  I'm on to it !

I know it's pretty, I didn't know what it was until this year. Now it's everywhere and I can' t get rid of it,it's crowding out everything else. Any tips on how to kill it would be gratefully received.


Just pull it up before it seeds.  But if you've allowed it to seed in previous years it'll take a few years to get rid of it as the seeds will be in the soil. 

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