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This seedling has popped up in a large tub.  Does anyone know what it is please?  Many thanks.


Alchemilla mollis, lady's mantle. Very pretty


It will spread with gay abandon if you let it self seed but you can reduce this buy removing the flowers before the seeds ripen.   They are a very useful ground cover plant and, as your photo shows, look lovely when the foliage glistens with raindrops.


I attempted to keep it in check, it does flower prolifically and you have to be vigilant. I ended up with it all over one damp border and in the lawn. It forms clumps and to remove it you must dig out every last piece.

Lovely looking plant but not for me.


Oh, recently bought some.  Does look gorgeous glinting with water drops. Must be careful.....only just managed to clear that border of ground elder only to have put in another predator it seems! Might not even let it flower....



Snoodle - Flowers good  - seeds bad      

They can be quite tough to dig out except when tiny. I have a few clumps but keep it under control.


I'm really pleased that it's been identified as A.M.  I suspect there must be some in neighbouring gardens and a seed has strayed into mine.  I'm short of space in this small garden now but I'll dig it out of the tub and put it in a pot for a while.  How interesting that it's turned up.  I'll bear in mind all the above comments and while it grows will come up with a plan on where to eventually plant it.

Oooh great this forum is for little surprises like these. 

Thank you everyone.

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