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 i found this today in my garden. I have no idea what it is so i'd like to know if it's a weed or not because i kind of like it


I think it's a weed, I hope so, as I've weeded quite a few in my time. Just wait  someone will tell us it's a wonderful plant.


it  has pink flowers i have some cant think of the name i will look it up


Some sort of moss but I don't know my mosses well

Very pretty

it is pretty, I'm going to keep it. check my latest post because i'd like to be part of my rockery


Looks like a moss to me too. Have a look at it through a hand lens if you have one, they are quite beautiful in close-up.


 the flowers are just going over on this it is a good ground cover an is easy to remove if it spreads too far but i just cant remember its name


Phuopsis stylosa

but, unless I've misjudged the size, I still think that's moss in Daniel's pic

Phuopsis stylosa - it is in the gardens at the NTS property House of Dun.  

I love the smell and the bees love it. Easy enough to control.  Worth the effort. 

'Phuopsis is a mat-forming perennial with whorls of narrow, aromatic leaves and terminal clusters of small, narrowly funnel-shaped pink flowers' on RHS website. 

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