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As the title says - just wondering if I'm okay to go ahead and plant my sweet pea seedlings. I know they're pretty hardy but I've nursed these since last autumn and they're looking fab, so I'm pretty anxious that any remaining frosts might do them some damage? Any thoughts or past experiences would be greatly appreciated? Cate

Have you hardened them off?  If so they won't be damaged by frost if you plant them out now 

star gaze lily

I haven't yet as we have had a few frosty mornings. But I'm very tempted in the next few days. I'm off later to hopefully get some rustic poles to grow the SP's up 


Planted mine 2 days ago, they were well hardened off having been in the cold frame without the top on for a couple of weeks.

Dont worry if they take a while to get going when you plant them out, it's always a gamble with the weather and they may sulk for a few days but then they will shoot away.


Catie, I can't find out where in UK (or elsewhere) you are. I am just about to plant out my sweet peas that have been hardened off for about 2 weeks. I am in the Norfolk Fens, and yes we have had frost this last week but sweet peas are not that fragile as far as I understand.


flowering rose

yes planted mine out and they are doing well,touch wood in pots this year.

Thanks for all your input.

I am in Lancashire, UK. We had a frost last week also.

My sweet peas have spent the odd day here and there outside on the decking but aren't fully hardened off.

I shall proceed to leave them out for a few days and then risk it overnight! Wish me luck, it's all very exciting!

I also have 5 small lavender cuttings that I took in Autumn last year. They're only about 2-3 inches - is it to early to plant these out also?


Planted my sweet peas out 2 weeks ago as artjac says they are not as tender as you think. Mine usually slow up for a few weeks then before you know it there going like a train up a track. I'm in Stafford in the Midlands.

Sweet peas all planted in the strawberry patch this evening - very exciting!!  


really glad to have read about the hardiness of sweet peas, have probably pampered mine too long in the past, and am running out of windowsill space this year!

Any advice welcomed for this...

interested to read star gaze's mention of rustic poles. I have an idea of affixing an inverted hanging basket to the top of a pole for sweet peas to hang down from to give a kind of "tree" effect. 

Has anyone tried this? Was thinking of using (ironmongery, not office!!) staples and maybe for additional support a couple of hooks and some wire near the top of the pole/bottom of the basket. Any ideas? I presume one plant per pole is best in any case to prevent excess growth/weight? (my garden is tiny and previously I've grow 3 plants up a narrow-based pyramid of canes which invariably totter in the breeze once the plants have grown big!) 


Busy Bee2

When I have grown them I have put them out about now under plastic bottle mini-cloches, just to be careful with frost and to protect from anything that might decide to eat them.  They always sulk, sometimes some leaves have gone a bit white, but then suddenly they change gear and away they go. 


Mine were planted out at the weekend - they've been in an open cold-frame for weeks now, tough as old boots. 

My sweetpeas are about 3" tall, should they be taller than this before planting out? & should the tops be pinched off to encourage bushing?

Very interested to hear about hardiness of sp.  Had always thought they were tricky so thanks for that! I cheated and bought mine at the garden centre yesterday.  have not grown sp for years for various reasons but need them to cover a trellis previously covered by clematis which died recently! Its on my patio so they will be in large pot...any tips on compost or other sp requirements? Like Everos I would like to know whether I should pinch tops?


Yes pinch out the growing tip to encourage bushy growth. I mainly grow mine in big pots so that they can be positioned accordingly. I don't use anything special as far as compost is concerned but I add some grit and always make sure they are well fed and watered. I use pots at least 15" diameter normally but I put gravel/polystyrene or old plastic pots in the bottom so I  use less compost. Hope that's of some help 



Just planted a dozen 'Blue Velvet' out in a largish container (60cm dia, 40cm deep) with mixed garden soil & MP compost.  Pinched out a month ago and now bushy and about 20cm tall.  I love blue sweet peas!

If you read the blog on sweet peas from the top growers, they will tell you to grow them as hard as possible. I usually make 3 sowings, November, Christmas and January, over 300 seeds. some of the early ones will be brought on in large pots in the greenhouse, these are now outside and have been for the past 6 weeks their height is about 12 inches; hopefully they should start to flower next month. happy growing Valrobbo

Thanks everyone!  All very helpful advice and much appreciated!  

Steve 309

I'm a complete beginner at sweet peas but I've followed the advice here and on the sweet pea thread,  I now have a dozen or so plants in the ground and large pots in various parts of the garden and with various things to grow up.  Thanks for everyone's advice - and I'm hoping to have lots of flowers to cut

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