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Anyone help me, not sure how to upload a pic?

I will try~~

Click on the oak tree icon-next to ABC-a box comes up- click select-that should take you to your picture files-open the picture -click upload -picture will appear- click save- picture should post


When I first uploaded a pic it took so long I thought nothing was happening. Reducing my pic size to 30% of the original sorted that one out.



Finally done it, sorry about the delay


i meant whats with the brown dots on the leaves? is this normal or does it have some sort of disease?


Looks like laurel spot-not terminal and tends to come and go-not much to worry about unless it gets worse


thanks sotongeoff you know your stuff


Geoff told me how to send pictures by photobucket. He thought they were too big. Well now I know they are. How easy is it for anyone to tell me how to reduce the size? When I send photos on emails it's easy as a window comes up asking if I want to reduce them, but this isn't the same.


Liz-will try

Go to the picture-right click it-it should give the size along the screen-it will say something like 1.5MB-- it varies-now if that wont upload it may be too big.

Then right click the picture again-a list will come up-one of them should say edit-click on that.

A big screen will come up that will give you loads of options to do all sorts of tricks.

Look along the top and you should see something that says re-size

Click on that.

A box will come up-showing percentages

Change the 100 to 80

Exit the screen-it will say do you want to keep changes-click save

The new size picture will be in you files-try to upload-if it doesn't it might still be too big so go through the procedure again by lowering the percentages

It is all a bit of trail and error to get it right-quite simple after a few goes

If you get stuck let me know-or you want to experiment -feel free to send me pictures through the messaging system


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