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At end August I bought a sad aquelegia for 50p. Re-potted and nursed so it is now a lovely big healthy plant.But it has a lot of flowers and more comming. It is in the coldframe facing east and quite sheltered. How do I care for it now?  Will it overwinter in coldframe, garage or should it come in to the house. I am in Staffordshire.   Any tips appreciated. Thank you, Maggie 


Just enjoy it mags. It's hardy, you don't need to hide it in a cold frame. It's celebrating youyr superior nursing care. It will probably flower again at the more normal time


How lovely to have something so beautiful at this time of year as a reward for your tlc.  I agree with Nut, best kept out in the fresh air. 

Oh, that's great!  It seems such a delicate plant I was sure it wouldn't be hardy.   I will move it out to where I can see it and stop fussing!  Thank you both very much. Mags

SORRY!  It isn't an aquelegia.  It is an ALSTROMARIA.  Not the same thing atall.  I feel such a fool! Mags


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