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A number of my aquilegas have self seeded, mostly into the gravelled area of my garden, but I would really like to move the little plants into my flowers beds.  Is it ok to move them now and any other tips on this?


I would move them now as long as you can keep them well watered for the next month, which should not be a problem if you are in the west. Water them before you dig them up.

Many thanks Kate.  Yes, will definitely be able to keep them watered, I will get on with  it this evening then.  I can't quite believe how many of them have sprung up over the past few weeks!

As long as the soil is warm you can treat them as if potting on.
Take plenty of soil round the root-ball or gravel it does not matter, it will give drainage in the new position, plant, firm in and water.
I would put some into pots in case of a hard winter as back up, belt and braces is always good in gardening.


Thanks Frank.  That's a great idea about potting some up too, will definitely do that.

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