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I knew it was small but this is ridiculous. That's a 3" pot, the stem must be almost non existent



That is about the right size for it.


Hum. I grew this from seed from a plant I bought last year. It was bigger than that. Probably force fed on something in a polytunnel. I think these will be looking for a new home.


Aw, I think it looks lovely - it just needs to be up on a plinth 

 it looks very sweet, just needs to lift it's little head up! 



They germinated like mustard and cress Tilley (or like aquilegias anyway) I kept about 15,

I wouldn't mind some troughs or a raised bed to try a few tinies but I've never got round to it yet.


Experience over the years shows that self-sown aquilegias are extremely variable in form and flower, nut, as they cross-pollinate like mad.  I have about 70 seedlings on the go at the moment but have to wait and see how they turn out, then will have to be quite ruthless and assign the losers to the compost heap shortly after they show their first flower - don't want the 'losers' cross-pollimating with the 'winners'!  I expect only a dozen or so 'keepers'.  Worth the effort though - I've quite a few good ones now and they can be very long lived.


I got some lovely hybrids with A.viridiflora and various vulgaris Bob. Can't seem to keep viridiflora though and saving the seed gives me more hybrids so I've jgerminated a new packet this season.


got some nice crosses with A. canadensis as well


Nice one, nut - it's very rewarding when you get an interesting new one isn't it!

I tend to go for crossing various types of the clematis-flowered varieties.

otnorot but just call me Bill

I love Columbines(aquilegia is to hard to remember for me) and have a few good crosses.Heres a few.


The bloom in the middle is one I'm trying to get larger,the others are standard size.


I love them too. I bought 7 new ones (seeds) from Carrie Thomas at Touchwood in the autumn. I've got loads of babies.

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