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Thank you  I got it from seed from an example that was growing in my moms garden.
And indeed the yellow dissapears after a while.


Most of mine aren't in full flower yet. I posted some here last year, and Carrie Thomas of Touchwood(national collection) put some of hers on as well.

I've finished pricking out from 20 packets of Touchwood seed. Next year i expect some really good ones. Most of my existing, except for my raspberry ripple and Nora Barlow will be coming out.


Wow folks!!! Didn't realise hat there was so many different ones!  Now got Aquilegea envy!!

star gaze lily

What a lovely variety, do have quite a few in the garden but mainly the same 2/3 colour. All have self seeded from somewhere. Think I'll get some seeds of other kinds.


 This one is a stray seed from garden next door.  It's so delicate and translucent in dappled shade.  Don't know what it is though.


So lovely and graceful aren't they? Great when plants choose to come and live in your garden.

  A. vulg. 'Winkey' blue and white


 These were labelled as A alpina, but I thought alpina were shorter than this

 A self-sown one  of many that appeared from out of nowhere before I planted any aquilegias in this garden -  the owner before last must have had aquilegias  - there are some other colours but they're not open yet, and neither are the Touchwoods.

Orchid Lady

Great thread MrsGarden. Beautiful pictures 

 I love these plants / flowers, even before they flower they are pretty and grow so quick (great for impatient people like me!)

Apologies in advance if I have ID'd this wrong but I am pretty sure that the pictures below are Aquilegia, not sure which type as I inherited it and I actually moved one of the seedlings a few weeks ago to my new border, it has taken nicely but not flowering this year (I didn't expect it to).




Yarrow, please tell me the name of that blue one? I think it is just wonderful

I had an Aquilegia; dark, dead purple; a sort of Lucretia Borgia colour. I dug it up and gave it to a neighbour who loves it!

So it is lovely to discover all these very beautiful ones.

Not sure on varieties, I have got the labels somewhere, although some have appeared from nowhere


Rhod your first it Nora Barlow?

They are all so lovely.

Artjak...the blue one came in a mixed pack from B&Q (are we allowed to say that?) of McKanna Hybrids I think.



Most of mine are not open yet - but here is what happens when a fancy yellow long spurred one has a fling with a common purple

.  Not sure i even like it very much, but keep it for novelty value



Not sure if that worked. If it did it's Black Barlow, bought bare root from homebase last year




 And again.  I'm a sucker for deep dark colours.


All mine are self sets, like this one the best.

Mrs Lilly Pond

These are beautiful, Aquilegias are one of my favourites !