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Think this is Aquilegia vulgaris var. stellata 'Ruby Port'  but its looking a bit thin and sorry for itself this year.. I had to move them (not sure if its a good idea but it was that or nothing) as we demolished that area of the barn a few weeks ago.





Not the sharpest pic I've ever taken

This is one of the orange and lemons collection from Touchwood



Aquilegia 'crimson star'



The reds\yellows are coming out now


is there such a thing as an ugly aquliega? I think not. ( but they do seed themselves  in the most unwanted places at times. e.g. the crowns of other plants.)


Nutcutlet, that's very unusual colouring, quite exotic looking. Very nice.


It is bright isn't it. The yellows and reds are not from our native aquilegia.

Those colours come from North America


My new aquilegia's flowering!  I lost mine due to garden refurbishment. Had assumed they'd turn up somewhere.... But no. So treated myself to new - love the clean white.



Love that colouring, nut. I have planted out a block of Dragon mix, and some volcano mix.  I'm hoping for similar colours. All the deep purple stellatas and barlows are coming out. My touchwood s  should flower next year. I have got an interesting blue pom pom that's growing in a crack by the garage wall. Why do the best ones seed themselves into impossible places?


 the only blue one left. other flowers on this plant showed more rows. i have noticed with the pom poms that very often the centre flower of a group will have less rows.

raspberry ruffles


 red stellata


lilac pink pom pom

deep pink pom pom

 purple double

 red barlow

 shaggy black. More rows than stellata but less than barlow.



I do collect seed so if anyone wants anything in particular you can PM me. Of course you may get true to type or not, as this lot have all appeared as self sown, the only ones I have bought were a blue type and  Nora Barlow. Everything else is a random cross.


Fidget, I would love a few seeds off any types. I am not fussy, my garden is one of those explosion in a paint factory types, . I will PM you later cant do it from my Tablet.

Thank you, lyn.





I just call my garden exuberant. Explosion in a paint factory sounds brilliant.

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