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Hello All,

I have some aquilegia 'Green Apples' Seedlings that I've been growing on a windowsill since last Autumn , so about four months or so. I haven't fed them as such, apart from the compost they went into when they were pricked out into individual pots. They are a couple of inches tall now and being watered when necessary. I'm wondering when they'll be ready for a liquid feed and more importantly when they can be put into the garden. I know that they're hardy but I assume they must be a certain size before they can stand up to the elements, or is it just a matter of waiting for spring to arrive ?.


I wouldn't bother with feeding them, aquilegia are easy study plants some people class them as weeds cause they are prolific self seeders, can germinate  in cracks in the pavement etc. I would pot them on into a 9cm pot when they fill the pot there already in unless there already in a 9cm. Put them outside in a sheltered area to acclimatise in Spring around March pending where you live, leave them there for a week or 2 then plant in the garden. 

But for Aquilegia downy mildrew ( its not affected any aquilegia in my area ) they are bullet proof for me.  I grow green apples from seed a couple of years ago, I was a bit disappointed with it. 

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hollie hock

I found some self seeded aquilegia last year which I have potted on, only in small pots at the moment. I hope to plant them out when they are bigger in the Spring time.


Keep them cold. A warm windowsill will only induce early soft growth prone to disease.  Best place is outside in a cold frame or up against a wall for a bit of protection.

Great minds and all that. I've gone and put them,at lunch time,around the side of the house by the wall and sheltered by a large camellia in a pot . Hope they'll be okay, seriously chilly this evening ! 


hollie hock

Ideally it's a good idea to harden off plants to different temps, but they should be fine. Mine were buried under snow and no harm done

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