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joyce mannell

My garden is being taken over by aquilegias they are coming up in the patio in tubs and borders if you need any seeds ive kept a lot from last years flowers


Hi Joyce, they do take over don't they. but I love them so much I've grown 5 or 6 new colours from seed this season, 

Gardening Grandma

They must be well-advanced, Nut, if you know what colour they are already.

joyce mannell

I bought some mckana hybrid bulbs which are still in the packet 


Yes please for seed!! I love them, but lost lost due to works on my garden. I was going to wait until they magically rebuild but if there's some seed going, i'll grab it!




GG, I only know what it said on the packet and we know what aquilegias get up to


Woodgreen wonderboy

I now have a growing colony in my gravel drive. I love the way they soften the harshness of the drive.

joyce mannell

My friend has several different colours in her garden so is going to give me the seeds when they are ready 


I sowed seeds from my daughters plants, so far i have mauve, blue and a maroon one, not sure they come true from seeds.


They interbreed in a big way Lyn. really nice ones show up 

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