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Anything that deters nasties is welcome in my garden


I love French Marigolds in pots or in the veg garden, bit bright for the flower garden though. I plant lots that I grow from seed all around the tomatoes and beans, makes the veg garden pretty as well as keeping aphids away.

Secret Squirrel

Thanks Mike for your reassurance. My wife likes 'Queen Sofia' she make a nice display out the front with her 'Crystal Palace' lobelia.

I grow 'Motely Crew' around the back. No, that's not a new variety, it's all the seeds I have collected over the years. You never know what you are going to get!

Viva la French Marigold, to the tune of La Marseillaise 

Secret Squirrel

Just asked my French colleague why they are called 'French Marigold' here is his answer:

'It comes from the Antilles – and in France is called Indian marigold because les Antilles were previously called the- orientates indies - ??

Here it is called French Marigold because French growers have worked the plants for centuries and developed many subspecies of it.'

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