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Anomander, I have placed an order for some heliotrope varieties with Homestead Plants.  Dod you not contact them? 

Here that scent you speak of wafts around the it.  Esp on warm sunny days the oils just vapourise into cherries and vanilla.   Marine is an annual though.  Mine are perennial  


I did contact them Verdun but they said that they have no more plants until next year.  When did you place your order? I most certainly would love the perennials instead but the only popular ones are the annual Marine variety. Incidentally, that is also the only seed commercially available that I am able to find. I assume Heliotropium peruvianum is the Marine species?

Ah, fair Scotland. You might not tell from the picture but my paternal great-great-Grandfather was a Scotsman. Duncan clan, which is my surname. He and his two brothers moved to Jamaica a long time ago and Jill came tumbling after...  I was in Edinburgh 2 weeks ago and loved it! I found the clan tartan, bought the wool scarf and God willing, next year I'm getting the whole Highland Dress in the Duncan tartan! I'm so excited!

A very nice lady answered.  due to health probs she is not propagating large scale but I did manage to persuade her.  Between you and me Anomander, if you speak very charmingly.... like wot I do may have success.  

Failing that I can send you some cuttings next spring that will produce large flowering plants next summer


Oh but Verdun!!!!!  I was a veritable silver-tongued serpent!! Mind was an older gentleman who answered so I may have been at an insurmountable disadvantage there....  As my father says, "foolish dogs bark at flying birds!" 😂

You are EVER so kind- and I'm not shy to gratefully accept!!! Bless you again, kind sir! I shall have pre-paid packaging ready to send! Meanwhile, let me try them again and see if I'm lucky enough to get the lovely maiden when I call, instead of the dragon guarding the fort! 


Ah! Now hasn't this been a most instructive afternoon??  I followed your advice Verdun and I did not get the Lady of the Manor when I called...twas the Lord, transformed!  I told him how "desperate" I was and he pleaded my cause, until said Lady had managed to put her casserole into the oven. She checked the stock and declared how ashamed she was of the state but I implored, persisted and pressed the dear Lady into agreeing to part with them. She offered them for free but I was not going to take liberties! In the end, I have a Chatsworth on the way (she only had the one) as well as two 'White Queen' hybrids!!!  You simply can't measure my excitement right now! 


Brilliant Anomander 

when your plants arrive see if you can take may mean you potting on  to produce more cuttng materal in September

can sense your excitement level from here 


Thank you Verdun! Can you please explain the cuttings procedure- do you mean root cuttings or branches? If branches, do you mean new wood, old, etc.? 

Stems Anomander.  Ideally 2" or so shoots without flowers from lower down.  I pull them off then cut to nodes, remove leaves leaving a couple of small ones, half perlite and half mpc, water well and cover with polythene bag or unheated propagator.   


Thanks againVerdun. I have now received and potted up 2 White Queen, 1 Chatsworth and a bonus (free, in order to compensate the shabby state of the plants now) President Garfield- 4 for the price of 3! :) I'm very happy and they really are a lovely pair of sellers.

They are too small to take cuttings now but we'll see later in the year. Also, I'll over-winter them all in the greenhouse....or maybe indoors. I'll take some cuttings of the Marine though and definitely over-winter those indoors.

hollie hock

I'm having a go at these from seed this year. After a shaky start I've got 3 survivors at the moment. Small but good roots. I'll over winter them in the cold frames


Hi Hollie Hock, is it the Marine variety that you are trying?

Hiya Anomander

pleased you got your plants.  White Queen is  highly recommended.......strong scent but slightly different.  You beat me to it...I have some varieties coming too.

spring cuttings are fine...they root and grow fast so you will have as many scented flowers as you want 

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