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Lavender Lady

Can anyone tell me whether Heliotrope are a hardy plant or a bedding plant.  I live in Suffolk and have a fairly sheltered garden.  Any advice would be helpful. 


I would say Heliotrope are a tender perennial - they can be overwintered somwhere frost free and cuttings usually root well

Pam x


I thought that mine would be OK in a sheltered spot by the back door in my mild area of the Sussex seaside but it wasn't. RIP


Can you take cuttings?


Jean Genie

Yes I've taken several cuttings from Helliotrope Marine and overwintered them indoors .  Tried fleecing them one year but no luck .

Heliotrope Chatsworth is the best is tender but survives often in my Cornish garden but I take cuttings in August and again from potted plants kept in a greenhouse in spring. The annual Marine is not as scented, I think, as the variety Chatsworth and is best raised by seed sown in spring
Pennine Petal
Just got my RHS magazine, says to take semi-ripe heliotrope cuttings in August.

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