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Lavender Lady

Can anyone tell me whether Heliotrope are a hardy plant or a bedding plant.  I live in Suffolk and have a fairly sheltered garden.  Any advice would be helpful. 


I would say Heliotrope are a tender perennial - they can be overwintered somwhere frost free and cuttings usually root well

Pam x


I thought that mine would be OK in a sheltered spot by the back door in my mild area of the Sussex seaside but it wasn't. RIP


Can you take cuttings?


Jean Genie

Yes I've taken several cuttings from Helliotrope Marine and overwintered them indoors .  Tried fleecing them one year but no luck .

Heliotrope Chatsworth is the best is tender but survives often in my Cornish garden but I take cuttings in August and again from potted plants kept in a greenhouse in spring. The annual Marine is not as scented, I think, as the variety Chatsworth and is best raised by seed sown in spring
Pennine Petal
Just got my RHS magazine, says to take semi-ripe heliotrope cuttings in August.

Old Thread, arise and come forth!  I've just discovered Heliotrope marine and if chatsworth smells better than this, I need it urgently!

So Verdun, and others, please advise: where can I get the chatsworth variety?

Hello Anomander......I have come forth 

for sure Chatsworth IS better than the annual marine variety.  The latter has darker flowere, larger foliage but less scent.

I have a dozen plants around the the side and front doors, pathways and sitting areas.  they grow fast and all mine are in 5 litre pots.  Regularly watered and fed.  

I got mine a long time back when I called on somebody who grew this wonderful cherry pie plant.  He gave me a cutting and I have propagated it every year since.  Also found it in a little nursery on my travels. 

Ask at Cross Common Nursery here at the Lizard in Cornwall.  I would expect them to have it and they do mail order 

Homestead Plants Anomander.....just googled and,they,have a wide range 


**Hallelujah!!**  BLESS you Verdun!!! Oh and you are in Cornwall! I LOVE Cornwall! Last year, we rented a cottage in Penti Dowran and travelled all over- the climate is just sublime! This was in May.... I had to go back again later in the year to Truro. I took my best friend to the Minack open-air theatre to see King Lear....Verdun, I cannot begin to describe that magical sunset and how ethereal the whole experience was!

We digress however- now to call Homestead plants!  Thanks again.

You like Cornwall just a bit then Anomander !  

Glad to help 


I only came fifth...

But my jokes are of a higher quality than Verdun's...

Good luck with it Anomander. Heliotrope isn't reliably hardy up here which is a a pity. Something I've always rather fancied  


I resemble that remark Fairy . Nobody laughs louder at my jokes than I do 

you can grow them in containers Fairy and bring them out of the gh in July...??

oh! Am 

Am I slow or what?   Just got your "joke" Fairy.....simple cornishman see? 


I could 'grow them in containers and bring them out the greenhouse....'

if I had one...and could be bothered Verd...  

oh you're very slow...too much ice cream and doughnuts....

Won The county 100 metres once Fairy..........prob had doughnuts at the finishing line,

it's only the brain that is slow .  


Ah, you two do make me chuckle 😂 I'm out of luck with both garden centres, Verdun. Both are sold out for 2016 so I shall commence next year. Alternatively, I could just try to get some Chatsworth seeds and sow my way to success.

I do have a small greenhouse so I will try to overwinter the existing 2 Marine plants- we came back from a weekend away last night and went into the back garden to do some watering and just those two little plants made SUCH a fragrant impression! 😱 So I'm in love... 😍

And yes, I do adore Cornwall Verdun! Fairygirl, whereabouts are you located? Just so I can pay due homage- as an advance-deposit, I'm sure it's simply wonderful! 😂😂


Slightly further north Anomander - west central Scotland. Lots of rain and not too much warm sun  

and yes - it's so wonderful, Verdun's thinking of moving up here to enjoy our beautiful scenery. He's got to bring extra clothes though  

I expect you can get some online too. There are lots of good suppliers who might have a few plants left. We have a thread here for all the places we recommend - it's called The Good Guys . Verd started it a while back