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just had a phone call from Ashwood Nurseries.....the premier hellebore guys.  

A double black hellebore in 3 litre pot and in bud is available to me.  Should arrive on Friday.  

Now to prepare the perfect spot........behind a group of snowdrops perhaps?  Or next to a double yellow hellebore?  Or any ideas folks?

so, what made your day even better folks?


Could it go behind some snowdrops and next to the yellow hellebore?  Best of both worlds

Yesterday was made even better by cutting back a load of perennials and finding the tulips thrusting upwards.

Today was made even better by seeing a peregrine glide across the sky while I was sitting in bed with my morning cuppa ... they'll soon be nesting on the cathedral spire again.

Spring's here

Hazel -1

Verdun, I am awaiting delivery of my avatar dahlia! Mid  February onwards for delivery so can't wait! Hope I can successfully grow it again.

My day has been made better today by pruning sons Verbenum Opulus and an apple tree- something I have been wanting to do for months. I am well satisfied now

Yestrday was better when you posted again!

Thanks Hazel.  Always exciting isnt getting new plants?    

Kitty 2

Seeing your post has brightened my day Verdun

It's good to have you back👍. Hope you are well and looking forward to spring.



I was just thinking the same Kitty.

How nice it is to have Verdun back.

Not only that Kitty but I saw the first Newt of the year in my pond yesterday - well, 2 actually

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