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karen pearson

help ! i planted an astilbe in my garden which i moved from my parents house. It flowered year after year in their garden but will not flower in mine!  it has shade and plenty of water although mum hardly ever did any thing to it at hers !

I keep mine in full sun and it flowers every year, maybe try moving it to a sunnier spot

Like Victoria K says I would try it in more sun. They love boggy conditions and the most inportant thing is that the soil they are in does not dry out, they should then be happy in full sun or partial shade.  Good luck.

I have two planted in a bed, that continually has water dripping into it, they are also in sun from around 11AM - 4PM during the summer... So moisture and sunshine seem to be the key.

Have these in front & back garden, so have seen the difference sun & water make.

Even in same spot under a tree the sunnier plant thrives more than those a little further back. So position is every thing.

Good luck Karen.

Hope to split next year and double up



Seeing them growing 'wild' in Austria in the past, yes sun & moisture is what they seem to thrive on. J.


tony williams2

I have four one in full sun two in shade and one in part shade (early morning sun )the one that is doing better is the one in early morning sun and shade the rest of the day, but they are all looking good so who knows ! !

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