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My astrantias still have flowers on but are past their best and foliage is looking a bit sad. If I cut them back now will they re-grow this season, or is it best to leave them until the autumn and cut back then?

If you cut them back now they will regrow some leaves but no flowers. If you want seeds I think you will have to leave at least a few seed heads on for a bit longer to ripen. 

Thanks for that, I'll leave them then.

Well, not quite so simple.  Some varieties grow fresh flowers very quickly and some don't.  I have jumble hole already flowering again on 3' stems.  Cut back as soon as floweriing is over, per stem. I water well then.  I'm expecting flowers again on Roma and hadspen Blood at least.  

Even if they don't re flower the plant is restored to a nice mound and the sooner you cut back the more likely it is to flower again

Divided astrantias......after 3 years......have more vigour than they did previously and more floriferous.

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